About Yera

Youth Empowerment and Rehabilitation Association (YERA) is a Non- profitmaking organization with the aims of empowering Somali youth with useful information of transferring violence into peace through awareness , Seminars, Workshops, education, capacity building, vocational training and reaching out to the youth groups in Somalia regardless of tribes, political affiliations, religion,race and/or creed. The organization is fully registered and recognized by Somali government for it has implemented many activities including Emergency Food Vouchers, Food and Cash distribution, Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion, Livelihoods intervention, Employment creation and Income generation, Health awareness campaigns, Education and Vocational training for youth and adult classes.

Overall Goal

To promote development activities in Somalia through focused Capacity Building Initiatives and implementation of community development projects.
Geographical areas:
Banadir Mogadishu, Middle Shabelle, Jowhar. Lower Shabelle Afgoye, Gardo, Puntland, Nairobi and Sweden.