Capacity Building

Capacity Building and Vocational Training

 Capacity is defined as the ability of individuals, institutions and societies to perform functions, solve problems, and set and achieve objectives in a sustainable manner. Capacity is the essential lubricant of International development, more important even than finance. Capacity building in YERA’s respective areas of activities will guarantee peace and security, and make it possible to attain high growth rates in all the aspects of live.

YERA hires trainings centers to empower the local displaced youths to be self sufficient. The youths are trained at different centers for over six months so that they can be independent.

YERA trains both youth and women at their youth training centre in Garowe, Middle shabelle and Mogadishu. Garowe is one of the most stable regions of North East Somalia (Puntland). Due to the war, a large number people from southern Somali flee to Puntland.

 YERA provides Basic Computer training to the youth only at YERA youth training center in Mogadishu where by the trainings take place four days in a week.

 Objectives of Capacity building and Vocational training:

 YERA trains workers and other society to generate income and it also equips society to be well informed about issues like HIV/AIDS, GBV and Child abuse.YERA provides many training opportunities to build the competence and skills of the youth.

It empowers the youth and opens doors for further education opportunities to learn.