Emergency Response

 Emergency Response
Somalia is a country hit by both war as well as natural disasters. Apart from the conflicts, almost every year there are floods occurring in the areas we work in and at the same time droughts can occur, heavily affecting the livelihoods of agro pastoralists. Whenever these events are happening, YERA tries to respond in ways to reduce the impacts of these disasters. This can be providing food supplies and non food materials to the affected communities, or supply clean water. Interventions are always discussed with the community to ensure the people that are benefitting are the ones that are really in need.

Non Food Item

In situations of displacement, there is always loss of personal property. Very often people flee with little more than the clothes they are wearing. In addition to food, people affected by crisis need basic life saving non-food items for their survival including items such as blankets, sleeping mats and plastic sheeting to safe-guard them from rain, sun, wind and the cold weather and environmental conditions. Kitchen sets including pans, plates and spoons are essential items for every family. Soap and washing powder are necessary to ensure personal hygiene, while jerry cans are needed to collect drinking water and to keep it safe from contamination. Clothes or material for making clothes and shoes may also be needed. In addition, women and girls need sanitary supplies. Children too have specific needs especially those who may have been orphaned and require baby food, clothes, diapers etc.

On-food items vary according to culture and context and should correspond to the needs of the population and the climate. The non-food items packages differ from provider to provider, and the assortment has changed over time and between agencies.

For example, in regions where malaria is prevalent, impregnated mosquito nets have been added to the list of necessary items. Sanitary towels and/or women’s hygiene kits should be standard parts of NFI packages but the type of items included may vary across regions. Thus before packs are put together it is important to identify what the needs are, and which types of feminine hygiene materials are most appropriate. Consult with the women to find out their current practices and preferences.



YERA aims to distribute all the Non-food items needed by the displaced people in Somalia with:-

  • Clothes
  • Blankets
  • sleeping mats
  • Plastic sheeting
  • Kitchen sets
  • Soap and washing powder
  • Jerry cans