Dirty water and a lack of basic sanitation are undermining efforts to end extreme poverty and disease in the Somalia. 2% in aggregate of children die every day from severe diarrhea- which is caused by poor sanitation and hygiene. Women and girls in Somalia spend most of their days gathering water for their families- walking 3.5 miles on average each day to collect water. Girls often drop out of primary school because of this heavy duty of gathering water for their families.

 Access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation facilities could transform the lives of thousands in Somalia. Access to water and sanitation could prevent thousands of child deaths and free up hours each day for women and children to go to work or school. This is especially true for girls — studies show that girls are 12% more likely to go to school if water is available within a 15 minute walk rather than a one hour-s walk.

 YERA aims to make measurable and sustainable improvements in water supply- sanitation- hygiene- and the overall environment in the communities we serve. We recognize that in order to successfully improve health in developing areas- programs must be comprehensive- targeting both the direct and indirect causes of poor health and nutrition.

 YERA’s Objectives in Wash

Increase access to clean water in the target areas by digging and rehabilitating wells as well as water catchments and train people on responsible usage of water. Chlorinate wells and any other water source in the target area with the help of all stakeholders including donors. Provide Sanitary and health, TOT training for community members.

Provision of sanitary supplies such as soap, leak cans, Jerricans, Chlorofoc and chlorine, water purification tablets, ceramic filters.